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@odino odino released this Jul 16, 2019 · 30 commits to master since this release

Welcome to a brand new release of the ABS programming language: in this version we've introduced file writers, break/continue and made loops 30% faster!

New features

  • file writers: > and >> let you write to a file when in between 2 string arguments, such as "text" > "file.ext". > truncates and writes while >> appends (#245)
  • [].unique() allows you to obtain unique values from an array (#247)
  • break and continue can now be used inside for and loops (#244)


  • fixed a stack overflow that would happen on large loops (> 1M elements): the original implementation of naively used recursion, so we simply switched to a regular loop. With this change, loops are also up to 30% faster (#246)


  • happy to say that ABS' executables are now 25% lighter thanks to using the right ldflags during the Go build process -- builds are now between 2 and 3 megabytes
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