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@odino odino released this Aug 4, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

A new minor release of ABS: always be shipping! 🚢

In this release, we've introduced 2 new features, as well as deprecated some of the initial syntax for executing system commands.

New features

  • index ranges have landed! ✈️ You can now slice strings and arrays just like in Python or Ruby: "string"[0:3] will return str. Negative right index ranges mean take elements up to len() - index, so "string"[:-2] will return "stri" (#255)
  • we now have implicit return values (#219) which default to null: in earlier versions of ABS, you always had to specify a value after a return statement, while right now you don't: if x { return } will, for example, evaluate to null if x is truthy


  • the initial $(command) syntax for executing bash commands has been deprecated (#254) in favor of backticks `command`. $() can still be used, and it proves useful when nesting commands $(some $(other $(command)))
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