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@odino odino released this Aug 20, 2019

A new minor release of ABS: always be shipping! 🚢

ABS 1.7.0 introduces some syntactical sugar as well as improvements to the REPL, so let's check these changes out!

Reverse search in the REPL

You can now use ctrl+r to look for previously ran commands in the REPL (#265), have a look at this video:


Number abbreviations

You can now abbreviate numbers through these letters (#269):

  • k (thousand)
  • m (million)
  • b (billion)
  • t (trillion)
1m / 2k # 500

The abbreviations are case-insensitive.

Output an exit message when terminating a script

You can now output a "goodbye" message when exiting a script (#266):

exit(1, "something nasty happened")

Earlier you had to explicitly echo right before exiting:

echo("something nasty happened")

This message argument to exit(...) is optional.

Improvements to str.replace(...)

We have made a couple of changes to improve the str.replace() function:

  • you do not have to specify the number of replacements anymore, as the default value is "all replacements": "abcabc".replace("a", "x") # "xbcxbc" (#268)
  • you can replace a list of characters now: "121".replace(["1", "2"], "x") # "xxx" (#267)

The ABS playground

This is not really specific to this version, but we launched a playground for you to test ABS code directly on the website:


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