@odino odino released this Dec 26, 2018 · 36 commits to master since this release

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Loads of bugfixes and new features in this release, which beefs up the language getting ready for a stable release (next release will be all about bugfixes in order to release a stable version).


  • floats: now fully supported, so you can 1.1 + 1 as well as "{x: 1.12}".json() and so on!
  • ability to read stdin: you can read a line with stdin() or loop through it with for input in stdin {}
  • compound assignments: +=, -=, etc
  • modulo operator
  • ability to format strings without printing them with str.fmt(x, y, z)
  • array destructuring: [x, y] = [1, 2]
  • errors now terminate ABS scripts with exit code 99 -- got problems?

Happy hacking!