@odino odino released this Dec 29, 2018 · 13 commits to master since this release

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Loads of interesting fixes made it to this release, with the addition of a few features as well.

Backwards-incompatible changes

Array destructuring has now abandoned the JS form ([x, y] = [1, 2]) and follows a leaner syntax (x, y = [1, 2]).

New features

  • bitwise operators &, |, ^, >>, <<, ~ (#84)


  • null is now an "assignable" value. Earlier on, you couldn't x = null, which resulted in funny behaviors such as #85
  • numbers are not following scientific notation: for very large numbers, the formatter used to convert them to something like 1e+06. This has been now fixed.
  • fixed a panic when using .map(...) without return values (#62)
  • fixed a panic when calling functions without enough arguments (#61)
  • beautified a panic when trying to execute a script that does not exist (#77)
  • beautified a panic when trying to execute .sum() on an array with elements other than numbers (#75)
  • fixed error handling in .map() and .filter() (#80)
  • fixed script halting when there was an error in a while block (#82)
  • added \r and \f as a separator for .lines()
  • strengthened the command parser (#78)
  • fixed shell command escaping (#81)
  • destructuring statements do not need a ; on the preceding line anymore (#83)

Other changes

  • setup travis-ci tests on win, osx, linux (#88)