@odino odino released this Jan 22, 2019 · 42 commits to master since this release

Loads of changes over the past 2/3 weeks so we decided to release an additional version before 1.0!
Note that we have dropped the netbsd and freebsd builds for now, but are happy to re-instate them if requested to do so.

New features

  • the biggest news is that now ABS returns debug information when errors happen, helping you locate a line that
    caused an error (#121). Many thanks to @ntwrick for his amazing work!
⧐  [1, 2, 3].not_found()
ERROR: ARRAY does not have method 'not_found()'
	[1:10]	[1, 2, 3].not_found()
  • you can now access CLI flags (eg. abs script.abs --foo=bar) with flag("foo") (#79)
  • both single and double quotes are now supported in strings (#110)
  • ABS will output its version when called with abs --version (#97)
  • added the "string".is_number() function (#103)


  • shell commands wouldn't receive the stdin from the abs process (#113)
  • fixed a bug in for ... in loops that wouln't allow to iterate more than once on an array (#112)
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