Tensorflow as a PHP extension (experimental)
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Tensorflow as a PHP/Zend extension (experimental), using PHP5/PHP7. Still not in fully working state.

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The concept of this extension is to expose Tensorflow into PHP directly so you can run rules, training & the Tensorflow engine natively via PHP code. The coding structure replicates my work having SASS compile on the fly as a PHP extension.


  • Build a base test image to test this build process (Travis/Docker)
  • Build a shared library from Tensorflow that can then be wrapped into a PHP / Zend extension.
  • Refactor header classes from SASSPHP to deal with Tensorflow functions, variables & classes.
  • Refactor C/C++ code to allow PHP classes to talk directly / manage Tensorflow once it's wrapped in shared library
  • Build tests
  • Gnomes
  • Profit