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# -*- ruby -*-
require 'rubygems'
require 'hoe'
require './lib/ruby_vor/version.rb'
EXT = "ext/voronoi_interface.#{Config::CONFIG['DLEXT']}"
Hoe.spec 'rubyvor' do
developer 'Brendan Ribera', ''
self.version = RubyVor::VERSION
self.url = ''
self.readme_file = 'README.rdoc'
self.history_file = 'History.rdoc'
self.summary = 'Efficient Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay trianglation for Ruby'
self.description = 'RubyVor provides efficient computation of Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulation for a set of Ruby points. It is intended to function as a complemenet to GeoRuby. These structures can be used to compute a nearest-neighbor graph for a set of points. This graph can in turn be used for proximity-based clustering of the input points.'
extra_dev_deps << ["minitest", ">= 1.6.0"]
extra_deps << ["libxml-ruby", ">= 0.9.9"]
extra_deps << ["GeoRuby", ">= 1.3.0"]
# C extension goodness
self.spec_extras[:extensions] = "ext/extconf.rb"
self.clean_globs << EXT << 'ext/*.o' << 'ext/Makefile'
desc "Compile extensions"
task :compile => EXT
task :test => :compile
file EXT => ['ext/extconf.rb', 'ext/ruby_vor_c.c'] do
Dir.chdir 'ext' do
ruby 'extconf.rb'
sh 'make'
desc "Prepare for github upload"
task :github do
system "git ls-files | egrep -v \"\\.gitignore\" > Manifest.txt"
system "rake debug_gem | egrep -v \"^\\(in\" > rubyvor.gemspec"
task :gem => :github
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