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Abseil Team and zhangxy988 Export of internal Abseil changes.
578b3ed641b8d92769a34d73389dfff5559925e6 by Abseil Team <absl-team@google.com>:

Prevents tail call optimization for
GetStackFrames[WithContext]/GetStackTrace[WithContext] functions, so the
skipped frames will not change because of optimization difference.

PiperOrigin-RevId: 217342437

31fad1337e146a6ec74ae887d95920373e36c8dd by Abseil Team <absl-team@google.com>:

Fixed syntax on flat_hash_set documentation for insert.

PiperOrigin-RevId: 217208659
GitOrigin-RevId: 578b3ed641b8d92769a34d73389dfff5559925e6
Change-Id: I121c42861e8321ab561326978ac8972c68f066d0
Latest commit 2019e17 Oct 16, 2018