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GraphQL implementation for Elixir.


  • Complete implementation of the GraphQL Working Draft.
  • An idiomatic, readable, and comfortable API for Elixir developers
  • Extensibility based on small parts that do one thing well.
  • Detailed error messages and documentation.
  • A focus on robustness and production-level performance.

Please see the website at

Why Use Absinthe?

Absinthe goes far beyond GraphQL specification basics.

Easy-to-Read, Fast-to-Run Schemas

Absinthe schemas are defined using easy-to-read macros that build and verify their structure at compile-time, preventing runtime errors and increasing performance.


The entire query processing pipeline is configurable. Add, swap out, or remove the parser, individual validations, or resolution logic at will, even on a per-document basis.

Advanced Resolution

Absinthe includes a number of advanced resolution features, to include:

  • Asynchronous field resolution
  • Batched field resolution (addressing N+1 query problems)
  • A resolution plugin system supporting further extensibility


  • Complexity analysis and configurable limiting
  • Support for precompiled documents/preventing custom documents

Idiomatic Documents, Idiomatic Code

Write your schemas in idiomatic Elixir snake_case notation. Absinthe can transparently translate to camelCase notation for your API clients.

Or, define your own translation schema by writing a simple adapter.

Frontend Support

We care about support for third-party frameworks, both on the back and front end.

So far, we include specialized support for Phoenix and Plug on the backend, and Relay on the frontend.

Of course we work out of the box with other frontend frameworks and GraphQL clients, too.


Install from

def deps do
  [{:absinthe, "~> 1.6.0"}]

Note: Absinthe requires Elixir 1.10 or higher.


See CHANGELOG for upgrade steps between versions.


Mix Tasks

Absinthe includes a number of useful Mix tasks for extracting schema metadata.

Run mix help in your project and look for tasks starting with absinthe.

Related Projects

See the GitHub organization.


The project is under constant improvement by a growing list of contributors, and your feedback is important. Please join us in Slack (#absinthe-graphql under the Elixir Slack account) or the Elixir Forum (tagged absinthe).

Please remember that all interactions in our official spaces follow our Code of Conduct.


Please follow contribution guide.