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<link href=/base.css rel=stylesheet>
<!-- The following ie inclusion is useless as it'll be stripped
out before getting to the client, but serves as a reminder
that it needs to be sorted out for ie compatability :) -->
<!--[if IE]>
<script src="/ie.js"></script>
DerbyJS • TodoMVC
<header id="header">
<form x-bind=submit:add><input id="new-todo" placeholder="What needs to be done?" autofocus value={_newTodo}></form>
<section id="todoapp">
<section id="main" class="{#unless _todoList}empty-list{/}">
<input id="toggle-all" type="checkbox" checked="{_group.select_all}">
<label for="toggle-all">Mark all as complete</label>
<ul id=todo-list class={{filterName}}>{#each _todoList}<app:todo>{/}</ul>
<li data-id={{id}} class="{#if .completed}completed{else}active{/}{#if ._editing} editing{/}">
<input class="toggle" type="checkbox" checked={.completed} x-bind=change:checkAllCompleted>
<form x-bind=submit:endEdit>
<input class="text" x-bind="focus:startEdit, blur:endEdit" value="{.text}">
<button class="destroy" x-bind=click:del></button>
<footer id="footer" class="{#unless _todoList}empty-list{/}">
<span id="todo-count"><strong>{_stats.remaining}</strong> item{#unless _stats.oneOnly}s{/} left</span>
<ul id="filters" class="{filterName}">
<li class="all">
<a href="/{{groupName}}">All</a>
<li class="active">
<a href="/{{groupName}}/active">Active</a>
<li class="completed">
<a href="/{{groupName}}/completed">Completed</a>
<button x-bind=click:clearCompleted id="clear-completed" class="{#unless _stats.completed}non-completed{/}">Clear completed (<span>{_stats.completed}</span>)</button>
<footer id="info">
<h2>Open this <a href="/{{groupName}}">ToDo list</a> in another browser, or share it with a friend to collaborate!</h2>
<p>Template by <a href="">Sindre Sorhus</a></p>
<p>Created by <a href="">Michael Nelson</a> and <a href="">László Bácsi</a></p>
<p>Part of <a href="">TodoMVC</a></p>
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