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This is a beta installer. please give feedback on discord. Don't rollback if your have error. We will try to help directly.

Cold node masternode

A Masternode runs on another computer (VPS) which acts as the cold node, while the coins are stored locally in your wallet (Hot Node). This is a more secure approach than just running a hot wallet, as the public IP address associated with the MasterNode is not the same as the wallet IP address. In addition, the shut down of the hot node wallet does not affect the MasterNode.


2500 ABS Collateral: The required collateral for the Absolute Master Node setup is 2500 coins on version 12.2.4a.
No more no less.
A local wallet: Place where you will store the collateral of 2500 ABS.
Windows or linux wallets are accepted.
SSH client for your VPS: We recommend Putty client if you are on windows or directly ssh from OSX/Linux.

1.Send the collateral of 2500 ABS & generate private key and transaction hash

Generate a new address in your local wallet (NOT the VPS). Label it with ’MN1’. This label can be given any name you want, but for the purpose of this guide we will call it ’MN1’.

Transfer EXACTLY 2500 ABS to the newly generated address. Ensure that the ’Subtract fee from amount’ box is NOT checked.
The transfer requires 15 confirmations before the MasterNode launch. The status of the transaction can be checked in the ’Overview’ wallet tab or by double clicking the transaction in the ’Transactions’ section.

Open the debug console in your local wallet. (Tools>Debug Console).
Paste the command:
masternode genkey
Press ENTER to generate your private key
Save the output. It will be needed in upcoming steps.

Wait for 15 confirmations of your collateral (2500 ABS) before running the next command!

Paste the command:
masternode outputs Press ENTER to get a transaction hash and output index.
Save the output. It will be needed in upcoming steps

Open your masternode config: (Tools>Open Masternode Configuration File)
Following the example presented in the file, fill in the necessary information in the first blank line while following the correct syntax as shown in the example on the next page. Leave only one space between information, no spaces or blank lines at the end.

  • MN1 (the external IP address of your VPS and the port it will be running on, must be 18888).
  • 9buh2hncRskwI1yrKvfyegdSas26GhgvVgGGaqWi8Ecdgt63xQp (the masternode private key you generated using the command masternode genkey)
  • iuer12jwe6ereq5r5bx5cm4k4oh4o758399uj98213f565652csrwne0oflxo5iol12gf (the transaction hash and output index you generated using the command masternode outputs)

Save this file and close it. In your Absolute wallet, go to Options (Settings>Options).
In the ’Wallet’ tab check the ’Show Masternodes Tab’ box. Click OK.

Restart your local Absolute wallet

2.Connect to your VPS Terminal with SSH

  • Launch Putty and enter your VPS IP address into the “Host Name” field.
  • Other settings should stay default.
  • We recommend you to save this IP address in Putty. To do so, name it in the ’Saved Sessions’ Box and ’Save’.
  • Click ’Open’.
  • You will see a pop-up message with a security alert about the keys.
  • Click ’Yes’.
  • Log in to your VPS. The VPS provider should give you both the username and the password.

3.Masternode installation and setup

Login to your VPS with Putty.
This script is designed to run on 16.04 Ubuntu. Please check your version before installing.

Navigate to your desired installation folder.
Default is /home/user or /root/

Paste the command:
wget -O && chmod +x

Paste the command:
./ your_mn_key
Replacing "your_mn_key" with your priv key you have already generated from the windows wallet.
Here is an example of what to type:
./ 4hcmvB9TQf8xUSy4sTfVqqzifEq9J5Ef6H1VFhRmA8sZJs8j1vw

This operation is mandatory.

When installation is finished
Copy the last line with the crontab settings

Paste the command:
Absolute/absoluted -daemon

Wait for the wallet to synchronise fully. This can be checked by pasting the following command and then pressing ENTER Absolute/absolute-cli getinfo
The number of “blocks” should match that of the latest block shown in the Absolute Explorer ( or

4. Setup cron

Set up a crontab entry to call Sentinel every minute:

$ crontab -e

In the crontab editor, add the line you copied before.

* * * * * cd /[copied path]/sentinel && ./venv/bin/python bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1

5.Starting the Masternode

Open the ’Masternodes’ tab in your local Absolute wallet.
You should see ’MN1’ in ’Your Masternodes’ tab.
Select ’MN1’ and click ’Start Alias’.
Click ’Yes’.
’Sucessfully started MN1’ message should show up.
Congratulations, your Absolute MasterNode is running!

Check your Masternode receiving address at for your estimated reward times.

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