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Abs support for Visual Studio Code

This repository adds support for the Abs language in Visual Studio Code.


Syntax highlighting and compiling single-file models.


To compile ABS code inside VS Code, set the following options:

  • abs.compileCommand: If the absc command is not in your path, set this option to the command that starts the ABS compiler.
  • abs.backend: One of --erlang, --java, --maude.
  • abs.compileOptions: This contains a list of options to pass to the compiler. See the output of absc -h for a list of applicable options.

Note: to run the ABS compiler from a Jar file (typically absfrontend.jar) instead of via the absc script, set abs.compileCommand to java and add two items to abs.compileOptions: -jar and /path/to/absfrontend.jar.


To install the latest released version:

  1. download the .vsix file from

  2. open the Extensions list and choose "Install from VSIX..." from the menu:

    First click 'Extensions', then the horizontal dots menu at the top of the list, then 'Install from VSIX...'
  3. Choose the file downloaded in Step 1

Running an unreleased version

To use the extension from a git checkout, copy the abs/ subdirectory into your ~/.vscode/extensions directory, e.g., with the following commands:

cd ~/.vscode/extensions
cp -r /path/to/abs-vs-code/abs abs


To run the current source, open the abs/ subfolder inside VS Code and press F5 (Run -> Start Debugging).

To create a .vsix package, install node then run the following commands:

npm install
cd abs
vsce package