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@rudi rudi released this Mar 25, 2020 · 5 commits to master since this release


  • The case pattern matching expresssion now uses bars (|) to separate case branches. The older syntax (; to terminate each branch) is still supported by the parser and will not lead to compile-time warnings.


  • Incompatible change: deltas now share a namespace with modules. Defining a delta with the same name as a module results in a compile-time error.

  • Incompatible change: the plain export clause export Name; will only export Name if Name is defined in the current module; use export Name from OtherModule; to re-export Name imported from OtherModule. This mirrors the behavior of export *; vs. export * from OtherModule;.

  • Future incompatible change: the pattern matching statement now uses the keyword switch instead of case. The pattern matching expression uses case as before. Using the old syntax emits a compile-time warning.

  • Future incompatible change: The conditional expression now uses the keyword when instead of if. The conditional statement uses if as before. Using the old syntax emits a compile-time warning.


  • Multiple uses clauses in a delta now cause a compilation failure. The parser used to accept deltas with more than one uses clause, but all clauses except the first were silently ignored.

  • It is now possible to use qualified names in adds module modifier clauses in deltas.

  • The error message when using a simple name in a modifier clause in a delta without a uses clause has been clarified.

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