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v1.9.3: Release version 1.9.3 Latest
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@rudi rudi released this
· 163 commits to master since this release
- The toolchain now requires Java 11 or later.

- The long command-line parameter names for recording and replaying traces
  have been changed from `--dump-trace` and `--replay-trace` to `--record` and
  `--replay`.  The short parameters stay the same (`-t` and `-r`, respectively).

- Performance improvement in the Erlang backend: a cog with multiple processes
  awaiting on Boolean conditions now evaluates all guards in-process instead of
  delegating to the waiting processes.  This results in better performance --
  observed an improvement factor of 3-9 and utilization of a single core (as
  opposed to running on all cores of a multi-core machine) in microbenchmarks
  involving a single cog.