A tool to replay a log file as a series of queries onto an HTTP endpoint.
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An tool to replay a log file as a series of queries onto an HTTP endpoint.

To run the tool:

$ python logreplay.py /path/log-file param1,param2 extra1=1,extra2=2 URL

in which:

  • paramN is the name of parameter to extract from log file
  • extraX=Y is an extra parameter key-value to send to the endpoint
  • URL is the URL of the HTTP endpoint to send queries extracted from the log file; e.g. http://httpbin.org/get. Queries are currently hard-coded to be an HTTP GET request.
  • The log file is assumed to have the following structure on every line:


  • DATE TIME are in standard Python format %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S,%f.
  • The last space-separated part of each log line is considered as the message. The message may contain character & to denote standard HTTP query parameters.
  • All the log line elements in between, including LEVEL or others, are ignored.


  • logreplay should be compatible with Python 2.7+.
  • You need to have Python requests package:
$ sudo apt-get install python-pip
$ (sudo) pip install requests

Parameter value transformations

Before logreplay fires a request to the HTTP endpoint, it is (optionally) possible to apply transformations on selected attributes. To use this, implement your own transformation function in the file custom_filters.py and enable the filter by adding the function name to the list of activated filters returned by the get_filters function in the same file.

The file example/custom_filters.py shows an example transformation, to apply on the proctime attribute in the example/example.log log file.