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Are you awestruct yet?

Awestruct is a framework for creating static HTML sites. It's inspired by the awesome Jekyll utility in the same genre.

Additionally, Awestruct integrates Compass, Markdown and Haml.

The core concept of Awestruct is that of structures, specifically Ruby OpenStruct structures. The struct aspect allows arbitrary, schema-less data to be associated with a specific page or the entire site.

Site-specific data is automatically loaded from simple YAML files, while data can be provided on pages using a front-matter prolog.

The goal of Awestruct is to make it trivially easy to bake out non-trivial static websites. In addition to providing template-driven site creation (using Haml), Awestruct provides facilities for easily priming the site creation with additional non-page data.

Within each template, the site variable provides access to any non-page data loaded from YAML files. The page variable contains any page-specific data loaded from the front-matter or other sources.


Additionally, Awestruct allows for recursive layouts, to allow building variation into sites in a consistent manner.

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