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A simple static website generator written in C++ that takes markdown format as input.

Inspired from hundredrabbits/

Created for my website

Sample generated repo here :

Netlify Status

Download and run

  • Clone / Download this repository
  • Update src/config.conf for your webpages
  • Update src/
  • Build using ./ or Run ./src/mizi to create site
  • Open index.html which opens site/home.html

Currently supported features:

  1. Inputs a single markdown file as input
  2. Configurable <head> and header and footer for every page
  3. Create reusable components using templates by updating templates.conf
# Category
## Page
### Section
- First
- Second
- Third
<p>Could write in HTML too!</p>
Inline [links!](
Inline images ![images](./media/interface/favicon.ico)

$$$ Seperate Pages
## Seperate Page
### Section

{{Template Arg1 Arg2}}
  • A config.conf file for <head> , header and footer
  • Templating feature through template.conf


Open a new issue for bug / feature requests. PRs are welcome.