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ShipIt - An issue tracking module

Users can be either committers or reporters. Anyone can report and comment on issues. Committers can take over issues, resolve, assign them to other committers.

This is configured as a library project. As such, it cannot be deployed as an application. The sibling project shipit-plus is a deployable application that uses this library project.

This application sends signals to an external user notification service when issues are reported, commented on or resolved.

See the sibling project shipit-plus for how those notifications are eventually sent as email notifications.

Live app

http://develop.cloudfier.com/kirra-api/kirra-ng/?app-path=/services/api-v2/test-cloudfier-examples-shipit/ (UI)

http://develop.cloudfier.com/services/api-v2/test-cloudfier-examples-shipit/ (REST API)

Live Diagrams

Class diagram

Class diagram for the application

Statechart diagram

Statechart diagram for the application


Email notifications

This application has the ability of sending email notifications when issues are reported, commented on or resolved. In order to do that, this application includes an integration with an external service that can send email notications:

  • external service code (Google login required)

Generated code