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abtris committed Dec 13, 2012
1 parent 6c8dab9 commit 5af3c42b072400f735221a318632092bbc85f8e2
Showing with 17 additions and 20 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 Day2/Uloha-1/dav_svn.authz
  2. +2 −2 Day2/Uloha-1/dav_svn.conf
  3. +11 −16 Day2/Uloha-1/
@@ -1,9 +1,11 @@
team1 = Petr, Jan
team2 = Pavel, Lada
+* = r
+* =
@team1 = rw
-@team2 = r
+* =
@team2 = rw
-@team1 = r
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
<Location /svn/>
DAV svn
- SVNParentPath /home/student/Gopas/REPOS
- SVNListParentPath on
+ SVNParentPath /home/student/gopas/repos
+ SVNListParentPath on
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Subversion Repository"
AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd
@@ -1,27 +1,22 @@
sudo apt-get install vim mc tree
sudo apt-get install apache2 libapache2-svn
-# make Repos and structure
-mkdir -p /home/student/Gopas/REPOS
-mkdir -p /home/student/Gopas/WC
-svnadmin create /home/student/Gopas/REPOS/Team1
-svnadmin create /home/student/Gopas/REPOS/Team2
-svn co file:///home/student/Gopas/REPOS/Team1
-cd /home/student/Gopas/REPOS/Team1
+# make repos and structure
+mkdir -p /home/student/gopas/repos
+mkdir -p /home/student/gopas/wc
+svnadmin create /home/student/gopas/repos/Team1
+svnadmin create /home/student/gopas/repos/Team2
+mkdir -p /home/student/gopas/wc/xxxx
+cd /home/student/gopas/wc/xxxx
mkdir tags trunk branches
-svn add tags trunk branches
-svn commit -m "Added structure"
-mkdir -p /home/student/Gopas/WC/xxxx
-cd /home/student/Gopas/WC/xxxx
-mkdir tags trunk branches
-svn import file:///home/student/Gopas/REPOS/Team2 -m "Added Structure"
+svn import file:///home/student/gopas/repos/Team1 -m "Added Structure"
+svn import file:///home/student/gopas/repos/Team2 -m "Added Structure"
# make Right
-# sudo vim /etc/apache2/modes-available/dav_svn.conf
-# sudo vim /etc/apache2/dav_svn.authz
sudo htpasswd -bc /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd Petr heslo
sudo htpasswd -b /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd Jan heslo
sudo htpasswd -b /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd Lada heslo
sudo htpasswd -b /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd Pavel heslo
-# cat /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd
+sudo cp dav_svn.authz /etc/apache2/dav_svn.authz
+sudo cp dav_svn.conf /etc/apache2/modes-available/dav_svn.conf
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

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