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sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jenkins
+## PHP Support
+Using Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects -
+You need to install the following plugins for Jenkins:
+Checkstyle (for processing PHP_CodeSniffer logfiles in Checkstyle format)
+Clover (for processing PHPUnit code coverage xml output)
+DRY (for processing phpcpd logfiles in PMD-CPD format)
+HTML Publisher (for publishing the PHPUnit code coverage report, for instance)
+JDepend (for processing PHP_Depend logfiles in JDepend format)
+Plot (for processing phploc CSV output)
+PMD (for processing PHPMD logfiles in PMD format)
+Violations (for processing various logfiles)
+xUnit (for processing PHPUnit logfiles in JUnit format)
+### Job Template
+- Click on "New Job".
+- Enter a "Job name".
+- Select "Copy existing job" and enter "php-template" into the "Copy from" field.
+- Click "OK".
+- Replace "localhost:8080" with the hostname and port of your Jenkins installation and replace the two occurrences of "job-name" with the name of your job in the "Description" text box.
+- Disable the "Disable Build" option.
+- Fill in your "Source Code Management" information.
+- Configure a "Build Trigger", for instance "Poll SCM".
+- Configure an Ant-based build.
+- Click "Save".

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