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An implementation in Java and Javascript of the W3C proposal for MIDI support in browsers by Jussi Kalliokoski.
You can read the proposal at
The only files you need to get started are:
/lib/MidiBridge.js is the non-minified version of /lib/midibridge-0.6.3.min.js
The MIDIBridge is written in native Javascript, so you can use it conflict-free with any Javascript framework. If you use a framework, you have to embed it in your HTML file before you embed the MIDIBridge.
The examples in the /examples folder show you how to embed the MIDIBridge in a HTML page.
The basic example shows a basic usage of MIDIAccess, you can use this as a starting point of your own code.
The other examples are a bit more advanced, these examples also use MIDIBridge plugins. I have provided 4 plugins that makes it easier to develop your own projects and keeping your code as clean as possible.
You can check all examples online:
The documentation is in progress. See:
If you come across bugs or issues, or if you have feature requests or other questions, file an issue on Github, or email me at
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