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1. Install dependencies

  • nodejs and npm
  • postgresql database
  • nginx (optional)

2. Install packages

Run from project root folder: npm install

3. Set postgresql environment variables

In project root folder:

  • export PGUSER=your_username
  • export PGPASSWORD=your_password
  • export PGDATABASE=your_database

4. Create table and import data

Run from project root folder: node_modules/.bin/babel-node ./server/src/fill_database.js

5. Build or watch javascript files

Run from project root folder:

  • create build folder:mkdir ./frontend/build
  • build: npm run build
  • or watch: npm run watch

6. Compile and start webserver

Run from project root folder: npm start

To run the server forever in a server environment choose either of these commands:

  • npm start &
  • node_modules/.bin/babel-node ./server/src/server.js &
  • nohup node_modules/.bin/babel-node ./server/src/server.js
  • node_modules/.bin/babel-node ./server/src/server.js > /dev/null 2>&1 &

7. Setup nginx (optional)

You can run the client directly by navigating to http://localhost:5002

If you want to run the server publicly, you have to set it up as a proxy behind port 80. Add these lines to your nginx.conf:



  server {
    location / {

Because geojson and topojson can be quite large consider enabling gzip compression on nginx, see this manual.


In case you wish to create your own fresh topojson file follow these steps:

  1. Download municipal boundaries from Imergis or from CBS
  2. Extract the downloaded zip and cd into the extracted folder
  3. If you are on Linux install the shape to geojson converter: sudo apt-get install gdal-bin
  4. Convert shape to geojson: ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -t_srs crs:84 output_file.geojson input_file.shp
  5. Install minify-geojson: npm install --save-dev minify-geojson
  6. Convert geojson to topojson by running this command: minify-geojson -kit original.geojson -> this will create a file original.topojson in the same folder as original.geojson is located.

Additionally, you might want to read this thread on Stackoverflow.


Data tool that shows correlations between income, housing prices and unemployment in Dutch municipalities



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