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GwtAI provides easy to use cross-browser Java Applets integration to Google Web Toolkit (GWT) projects. GwtAI contains a number of utilities and helper classes, such as automatic creation of a wrapper widget and mechanism to communicate with Java Applets.

Working examples

GwtAI's showcase project is the integration of an icon into the system tray bar using an Java Applets to go beyond what GWT is capable itself by reaching outside of the browser into the user's desktop.

Check out the showcase page. The example source is available from GIT in a separate demo project (gwtai/tree/master/gwtaidemo).

A second example demonstrates how to integrate a JavaFX program into a GWT application. Using GwtAI this only takes a couple of lines of code...

Don't miss the JavaFX demo! The source is available from SVN under a separate project (gwtai/tree/master/gwtaifx).

Current state

GwtAI is not yet fit for use in production. The project is in a Proof of Concept like state. Feel free to take and use the code, but don't expect it to be stable. In case you have a question, please look at the FAQ.


Bug reports, feature wishes and patches are welcome. You can use the issues list to tell us about bugs and ideas, and get the source code from the repository.