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sbt 0.10

This is the 0.10.x series of sbt. See Setup for getting started with the latest binary release or see below to build from source.

The previous stable release of sbt was 0.7.7, which was hosted on Google Code.

There is a video of a demo given at the Northeast Scala Symposium that gives a brief introduction to the concepts in sbt 0.9 and later. Note that the demo was based on 0.9.0 and things have changed since then. See the documentation for current information.

Build from source

To build from source, get the latest stable version of sbt 0.10.x (see Setup) and get the code.

$ git clone git://
$ cd xsbt

The initial branch is the development branch 0.10, which contains the latest code for the 0.10.x series.

The latest tag for 0.10.x is 0.10.1:

$ git checkout v0.10.1

To build the launcher, publish all components locally, and build API and SXR documentation:

$ sbt build-all

The individual commands are

$ sbt publish-local proguard sxr doc

Copy your stable ~/bin/sbt script to ~/bin/xsbt and change it to use the launcher at:


If using the 0.10 development branch, the launcher is at:


Modifying sbt

When developing sbt itself, there is no need to run build-all, since this generates documentation as well. For the fastest turnaround time for checking compilation only, run compile.

To use your modified version of sbt in a project locally, run publish-local. If you have modified the launcher, also run proguard.

After each publish-local, clean the project/boot/ directory in the project in which you want to use the locally built sbt. Alternatively, if sbt is running and the launcher hasn't changed, run reboot full to have sbt do this for you.

If a project has project/ defined, either delete the file or change sbt.version to 0.10.2-SNAPSHOT.

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