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module Controller where
import Happstack.Server
import Happstack.Helpers
import Control.Monad -- MonadPlus
import ControllerGetActions
import ControllerPostActions
import Text.StringTemplate
import qualified Data.Map as M
templatesGroups ::IO (STGroup [Char])
templatesGroups = directoryGroup "./templates"
getTemplateGroups :: (Stringable a) => IO (M.Map FilePath (STGroup a))
getTemplateGroups = directoryGroupsHAppS "templates"
tasksController :: (STGroup [Char]) -> ServerPartT IO Response
tasksController stgr = dir "tasks" ( msum [ dir "todo" ( viewTasksByStatus False stgr "/tasks/todo"),
dir "done" ( viewTasksByStatus True stgr "/tasks/done"),
dir "newTask" ( methodSP POST $ processformNewTask),
dir "tick" ( methodSP POST $ tickTask ),
dir "untick" ( methodSP POST $ untickTask ),
dir "delete" (methodSP POST $ removeTask ),
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