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images tester tool Aug 29, 2018

Seen س

An Arabic based programming language ( لغة برمجة عربية )


Phase 1

Currently,the focus is on developing a bootstrapping compiler that is capable of compiling "Seen" source code to .class files that run on the JVM

Following is an overall task list

  • Lexer
  • Parser
  • Intermediate Language ( JVM instructions )
  • Class File Generation

Phase 2

  • Re-write the compiler in the Seen language.
  • Develop the type system

Bootstrapping compiler

source : /src/

JAR file : a precompiled JAR file can be found at /seen.jar

command line : go to the repository home directory and run :

java -jar seen.jar "test\hello_world.seen"

make sure that your console supports Arabic.

Seen Tester

A lot of tools do not support the Arabic language , a basic GUI based tool was created to simplify the process involved in viewing Arabic source files

source : /seen-tester/src

JAR file /seem-tester/seen-tester.jar

command line:

java -jar SeenTester.jar

Tester screenshot

The Language


س ( pronunciation sīn , like "Seen" ) is the twelfth letter of the Arabic alphabet, there are several reasons this name was given to the language, two of which are simplicity , and its usage in mathematics, the letter س is used by default to indicate unknown values and variables, the equivalent of "x" in English.


It is still not decided yet which programming paradigm(s) the language will support. The intention is to develop a statically typed, class based object oriented language with type inference.


a sample file showing the syntax of the language is included in the tester tool, you can run the tester tool or look directly at the file here. please note, in order to view the file properly , you will need Arabic support and to set the text direction from Right To Left ( RTL ).

Source Files

Encoding : All files need to be saved in UTF-8 encoding

Extension : Files must have the extension : .seen or the Arabic extension


The applications are written using Java 10


The Seen bootstrapping compiler and the Seen Tester tool source code are both licensed under an MIT license.