Lyrics Tagger - tool to download lyrics for music files and write it into file tag
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Lyrics Tagger

Made to automagically fill LYRICS tag in musical files.

Scan music files, download missing lyrics and save it into tag.

As for now, this project supports downloading lyrics from or and writing it into '.flac', '.ogg' and '.mp3' files.

Written in Python3 (3.3+), with heavy usage of Type Annotations.



Using pip

    pip install 'git+'


Show music files without lyrics

    user@machine:~$ lyricstagger report ~/Music
    No lyrics in file '/home/user/Music/Some Artist/01 - Some Track.ogg'
    No lyrics in file '/home/user/Music/Some Artist/02 - Other Track.ogg'

Download lyrics and tag music files

    user@machine:~$ lyricstagger tag ~/Music

Remove all lyrics from music files

    user@machine:~$ lyricstagger remove ~/Music

Edit lyrics in file with EDITOR

    user@machine:~$ lyricstagger edit "~/Music/Some Artist/01 - Some Track.ogg"

Print lyrics from file to stdout

    user@machine:~$ lyricstagger show "~/Music/Some Artist/01 - Some Track.ogg"
    Artist: Some Artist, Title: Some Track

    There goes lyrics


Setting environment variable DEBUG enabled debugging

Running tests

Just run

    user@machine:~$ cd lyricstagger
    user@machine:~/lyricstagger$ python -m unittest discover test -v


Please read if you wish to contribute.


Licensed under the MIT License.