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Version number: Version 1.77 (Sep 9 2020)

Author: Andy Bulka

Python application


Reverse engineer Python source code into UML class diagrams.

Installation / Usage

Pynsource binary app installers for Mac / Windows / Linux - see Downloads

An affordable, commercial Pro Edition is also available with extra features like zoom and the ability to drag to connect shapes.

To run from source code

You need python3, specifically Python 3.7 or later installed (Linux can use Python 3.6). You also need pip3 (which should come with Python 3), then simply:

$ git clone
$ cd pynsource
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ ./bin/run           (Mac, Linux) or
$ .\bin\run-win10.bat (Windows 10)

Linux Users: Please use the script bin/install-linux-18.04 to pip install needed Ubuntu dependencies, including a wxPython wheel specific to Ubuntu 18.04. Use the script bin/install-linux-20.04 if you are installing on Ubuntu 20.04. If you are using a different version of Ubuntu simply edit the script to change the url of wxpython accordingly.

The GUI toolkit wxpython that Pynsource relies on needs a ‘proper’ framework Python environment to run in, which means no virtual environments - use your main Python e.g. brew Python on a Mac or an official install from for Windows 10. The default Python 3 on Ubuntu 18.04 is fine too. However I've recently discovered that you can use a pyenv framework Python environment for building and running Pynsource, see this issue for more info on how to do this. E.g. PYTHON_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--enable-framework" pyenv install 3.8.6.

Or simply use the prebuilt binaries executables listed above!


  • Generates UML diagrams from Python 3 or legacy Python source code
  • The only UML tool that recognises Python instance attributes (not just class attributes)
  • Type annotation support (new for 2020)
  • Layout algorithm
  • Toggle between UML, Ascii art UML and PlantUML views
  • Automatically colour sibling subclasses to enhance understanding
  • Print and Print preview
  • Windows 10, Mac OSX Mojave, Linux compatibility
  • Open Source
  • Pro edition with
    • Faster performance
    • Zoom
    • Drag and Drop to connect shapes
    • Optimal layout algorithm
    • Access to generated PlantUML markup text


Example of Ascii UML View:

+-------------------+          |RoleServicesObject     |
|AI                 |          |.......................|
|....................        * |role                   |
|roleServiceObjects '''''''''''|gameservices           |----- .|
|gameServices       |___       |_rolemanager           |       |
|...................|   |      |_etc1                  |       |
|API_RunABit        |   |      |.......................|       |
|API_GetOrdersForR  |   |      |API_GetCurrentStoryline|       |
|API_CreateRoleServc|   |      |API_GetCurrentRoleName |       |
+-------------------+   |      |API_GetRoleSubordinates|       |
                        |      +-----------------------+       |
                        |                                      |
                        |                                      |
                        | 1 +---------------------------+ /    |
                        .---+GameServices               |_.....'
                            +---------------------------| -.
                            |_scenario                  |
                            |_game                      |
                            |API_GetAstarTravelTimeBlah |
                            |API_GetOobtreeInfoOnOobId  |
                            |API_GetOobtreeInfoOnMe     |

Examples of PlantUML view:

Note: PlantUML view requires an internet connection.

What does Pynsource mean?

Py = Python
N = and
Source = Source code

Long Answer: Since it was built in Australia, which is famous for its meat pies and sauce at football matches, Pie-and-Sauce. Where Py = Python and Source = source code.

Home Page and Documentation

More screenshots, videos and documentation can be found at

  • Help is built into the app - hit F1

  • View a Youtube video tutorial on the basic usage of Pynsource (pro edition is featured).

  • If you want more control over the Pynsource initial window size and position see this link

Run your own PlantUML server

When using PlantUML view (which is not necessary to use the app), if you want to run your own PlantUML server (faster, larger diagrams, more secure), see the Pynsource built in help for installation and configuration instructions.

Support the project

Help support the project by purchasing a Pro Edition license which contains extra features. Future plans include undo/redo, recognition of Python type annotations, line labels, module and package visualisation.

Running the tests

Download the source code, install the dependencies (see above) then

./bin/testall            (Mac, Linux) or
.\bin\testall-win10.bat  (Windows 10)

from the root of the project. You may need to alter the version of Python being invoked by the script e.g. python or python3.

The environment variable TRAVIS is set by the script to avoid tests that involve loading the wxPython package - this is especially needed on Travis and GitHub actions. It may also not be possible on your machine if you are running certain Python environments e.g. I had a problem with a framework pyenv install on my Mac running any tests that imported wx, even though Pynsource itself ran OK. P.S. The subset of packages requirements-travis.txt is all you need to run the tests, and these exclude wx.

Alternatively you can also run all the tests by cd src then ./bin/testall (because there is a testall script both in ./bin/ and in src/bin - for Mac/Linux, anyway).

Current Test Suite status

Python application

Study the Source Code

Create instant UML and Literate Code Map diagrams of this GitHub project.



View the Changelog


The Community Edition is open source, GPL3 licensed.

The Pro Edition is commercially licensed and requires a valid license to use.

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