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Pynsource Change Log

February 2023

1.85 beta

  • Fixed: Pynsource can now parse Python 3.10 syntax
  • Apple Silicon Arm build available for Mac
  • Ubuntu 22.04 / Mint 21 / Debian builds available.
  • Limitation: Ubuntu Snap still uses Python 3.6 so cannot parse Python 3.10 syntax.

February 2022


  • fixed: more robust handling of type annotations on function and method arguments e.g. def foo(a: Optional[str]):


  • fixed: Adapt (again, 2022) to new PlantUML server API which broke PlantUML diagram rendering
  • fixed: UML ascii art formatting on Mac using OSXEnableAutomaticDashSubstitution(False)

Late 2021


  • Adapt to new PlantUML server API which broke PlantUML diagram rendering
  • Matrix Multiplication operator @ now parsed correctly (fixes issue 102)
  • Handle any type of nested string parameter annotation e.g. "A" or "A.B" or "A.B.C" etc. (fixes issue 103)


  • Fix missing app icon on Mac and Ubuntu builds
  • Fix executable +x flag on Ubuntu builds
  • Export diagram to XML for importing into tools like Cytoscape which have advanced layouts and visualisations. See Pynsource built in help for instructions.


July 2021

  • Built with Python 3.9 so Pynsource can handle parsing Python walrus operator

  • Module Visualisation incl. variables and functions (Pro)

  • Python parsing improvements and bug fixes (issues 85, 93, 94)

  • Latest version of wxPython, wxasync and other Python packages

  • More informative logging (see Help / View Log...)

  • A note on Ubuntu Pynsource builds:

    • Ubuntu 20.04 Pynsource: is built with Python 3.8, not Python 3.9 due to the unavailability of a Python 3.9 build of wxPython for Ubuntu 20.04. This should one day be remedied. You can still parse the Python walrus operator with Python 3.8 ok, so this version of Pynsource is still fully capable.
    • Snap Pynsource: is built with Python 3.6 because Python 3.6 is the default on core18. Building under core20 which has Python 3.8 not currently possible due to the snapcraft Python plug and GNOME gnome-3-38 not yet being compatible.


  • beta release


September 2020

  • Type annotations support e.g. the type annotation param: SomeClass will create a UML dependency to SomeClass etc.

  • Static method detection bugfix


April 2020

  • Dark Mode Support (Mac)

  • Import report dialog after importing Python files

  • Improved handling of modules with syntax errors

  • Improved logging of parsing process


November 2019

  • Asyncronous performance fixes (Mac)

  • Line joining accuracy improvements (Pro)

  • Ability to pass files you want to reverse engineer via the command line

  • Better debugging via Help/Logs... of PlantUML rendering via internet

  • Improved Help including

    • YouTube video tutorial link
    • How to set up a local PlantUML server (optional)


March 2019

  • Bug fixes:

    • fixed shape jumping back to drag start position if not selected (windows, linux)
    • add proper extension when saving files (linux)
  • config file enhancement for people who have small or unusual displays (mac, windows, linux)

  • first snap release (linux)


  • Windows/Linux fixed select object refresh bug (you had to click twice to select an object)
  • Major Linux bug fixes:
    • scrolled area refresh bug fixed
    • fixed insert class and comment hotkeys
  • Misc bug fixes


February 2019

  • Improved Linux compatibility
  • Misc fixes


  • Python 3 parsing support
  • PlantUML view
  • Print and Print preview fixes
  • Pro edition with faster performance, zoom, drag and drop to connect shapes


  • New python parser based on built in AST parser
  • Integrated ASCII UML view
  • Animated layout algorithm
  • Node colouring
  • Save your diagrams to disk