Glue for the SpiderLing crawler and the Bitextor bitext extractor
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Spidextor is a simple glueing tool for running Bitextor (, a bitext extraction tool, on the output of SpiderLing (, a crawler focused on text.


The two dependencies are Python<=2.7 and make.

Running Spidextor

You should first edit the file and define your own parameters. Each parameter is followed by an explanatory comment.

Spidextor is run via the spidextor.pyscript. You can get the help via ./ -h.

The input format for Spidextor is the "prevert" format from SpiderLing (the result of physical deduplication obtained by the SpiderLings util/ It can be given either as an argument or fed to STDIN.

What Spidextor does is the following:

  • It organises data by domain, encoding them in the Bitextor format, and keeps only those domains in which data in both languages was found (.lett.gz extensions)
  • It generates a Makefile and runs it with the predefined number of jobs
  • Each job runs the Bitextor pipeline, domain by domain (producing .lettr, .idx, .ridx1 and .ridx2, .ridx1df and .ridx2df, .align, .aseg files)
  • The results are can be found in the output directory, organised by domain in the predefined formats