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# Makefile to build bundle applications for Mac OS X
# bundle makes a bundle designed to work on the system it was build on
# bundle_dist makes a bundle, which should work on all supported systems (custom config needed)
# Variables:
# CXXHOST CXX for host system. Only used when crosscompiling.
# BINARY_PPC path to the binary for PPC
# BINARY_i386 path to the binary for i386 (default $(PROGDIR)/$(PROG))
# SDL_PPC path to SDL.framwork for PPC
# SDL_i386 path to SDL.framwork for i386 (default ../Frameworks/SDL.framework)
# The name of the project is simutrans => thus we want to build the default bundle under simutrans
ifeq ($(PROGNAME),sim)
PROGNAME := "simutrans"
BINARY_i386 ?= "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/MacOS/$(PROG)"
SDL_i386 ?= "../Frameworks/SDL.framework"
.PHONY: bundle bundle_dist
"OSX/getversion": OSX/ simversion.h
@echo "===> Building $@"
$(Q)$(CXXHOST) "OSX/" -o $@
bundle: all "OSX/getversion"
@echo "===> Building bundle"
$(Q)rm -fr "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app"
$(Q)mkdir -p "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/MacOS"
$(Q)mkdir -p "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/Resources"
$(Q)cp "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG)" "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/MacOS/$(PROG)"
$(Q)cp "OSX/simutrans.icns" "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/Resources/$(PROG).icns"
$(Q)echo "APPL????" > "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/PkgInfo"
$(Q)OSX/ "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app" "$(PROG)"
bundle_dist: bundle
@echo "===> Changing bundle to be distributable"
$(Q)mkdir -p "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/Frameworks"
$(Q)cp "$(BINARY_i386)" "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/MacOS/$(PROG).i386"
$(Q)cp "$(BINARY_PPC)" "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/MacOS/$(PROG).ppc"
$(Q)cp "OSX/" "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/MacOS/$(PROG)"
$(Q)cp -r "$(SDL_PPC)" "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/Frameworks/SDL-ppc.framework"
$(Q)cp -r "$(SDL_i386)" "$(PROGDIR)/$(PROG).app/Contents/Frameworks/SDL-i386.framework"
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