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Badger::Changes - Summary of changes in the Badger toolkit
This document contains a brief overview of what has changed between
successive version of the Badger toolkit.
Badger is now considered to be mature, stable, reliable, and unlikely to
change significantly in future versions.
Version 0.12 - 12th December 2016
Added some tests for YAML modules in 3 test scripts that were failing.
Version 0.11 - 11th December 2016
Fix for missing file in distribution.
Version 0.10 - 11th December 2016
Added Badger::Comparable, Badger::Date, Badger::Duration,
Badger::Filter, Badger::Progress, Badger::Workplace, Badger::Workspace
and Badger::Config::Filesystem.
Refactored parts of Badger::Config.
Changed Badger::Base message() method to allow message formats to be
defined in "$self-"{ messages }> when $self is a blessed hash object.
Added no_config() method to Badger::Hub.
Fixed a bug in the auto_can feature of Badger::Class::Methods which
prevented it from working with subclasses.
Fixed a bug in Badger::Debug dump_ref() to make it directly call other
"dump_XXX()" functions instead of relying on inheritance of those
methods through $self.
Added plurality(), inflect(), list_each(), hash_each(), extend(),
merge(), split_to_list(), join_uri() and resolve_uri(), to
Added additional delegate hooks to Badger::Utils to load utility
functions in Badger::Filesystem, Badger::Timestamp, Badger::Duration,
Badger::Logic and Badger::URL.
Squashed a non-numerical warning in Badger::Timestamp.
Added the UTF8, JSON and YAML constants to Badger::Constants.
Fixed Badger::Codec::YAML to work better with YAML::XS and
Badger::Codec::JSON to work better with JSON::XS.
Fixed a typo/bug in the "type_args()" in Badger::Factory method which
was returning the wrong argument list.
Fixed a parser bug in Badger::Logic.
Fixes to silence warnings in perl 5.22.
Version 0.09 - 8th February 2012
Added Badger::Codec::Timestamp. Changed Badger::Timestamp to numify
values to remove leading zeroes (e.g. 2012/04/20 now yields a month of 4
instead of 04).
Fixed some obscure bugs in the module loading code in Badger::Class and
related modules that could potentially cause unpredictable results on
case insensitive file systems (e.g. Apple's HFS with default settings).
Added the restat() method to Badger::Filesystem::Path.
Added documentation for various methods that was missing. Temporary
disabled the Pod::Coverage tests on AUTOMATED_TESTING systems. We know
there's still stuff to do.
Added SLASH to Badger::Constants
Version 0.08 - 13th January 2012
Restored the $VERSION variable to rather than using the
"version" import hook in Badger::Class which confused PAUSE.
Changed Badger::Test::Manager to detect undefined results.
Merged Michael Grubb's bug fix for Badger::Base:
Fixed some minor documentation issues.
Version 0.07 - 2nd January 2012
Added Badger::Storage, Badger::Storage::Memory. and
Added Badger::Codec::TT.
Added the permissions() method to Badger::Filesystem::Path. Added
temp_directory() and temp_file() methods to Badger::Filesystem. Also
changed the Path(), File() and Dir() functions to short-circuit and
return if passed a single object that is already of the expected type.
Added some extra comparison methods to Badger::Timestamp (not_equal(),
(not_before() and not_after()) and overloaded these and other methods
onto the "==", "!=", "<", ">", "<=" and ">=" operators.
Added the export_before() and export_after() methods to
Added the if_env import hook and "-a|Badger::Test/all()" option to
Badger::Test to make it easier to define tests that don't get run unless
a particular environment variable is set (e.g. for Pod coverage/kwalitee
tests that you only want to run if either of the "RELEASE_TESTING" or
"AUTOMATED_TESTING" environment variables is set).
Added the random_name(), camel_case() and permute_fragments() functions
to Badger::Utils. Also add some extra debugging code to params() and
self_params() to catch any attempt to pass an odd number of arguments.
Changed the Badger::Factory module to use permute_fragments() on the
module path when specified as a single string. Also added the default()
and names() methods along with their corresponding package variable
Added the debug_callers(), debugf() and debug_at() methods to
Added the alias() method to Badger::Class.
Added the auto_can() method to Badger::Class::Methods.
Changed the Badger::Class::Config module to store the configuration
scheme in $CONFIG_SCHEMA instead of $CONFIG.
Added the Badger::Codec::HTML module which defines the "html" codec.
Changed the throw() method in Badger::Base to pass the exception type to
Changed the try() method in Badger::Base to preserve the list/scalar
calling context and to handle false but defined values.
Cleaned up and generalised the Badger::Hub module. The Badger-specific
data has now been moved into Badger::Hub::Badger. The "configure()"
method is now called construct().
Version 0.06
Added copy_file() and move_file() to Badger::Filesystem and copy() and
move() methods to Badger::Filesystem::File.
Added chmod_path() to Badger::Filesystem and chmod() to
Added Bin() to Badger::Filesystem.
Added the encoding() method to Badger::Filesystem::File for specifying
the encoding of a file, along with the utf8(), bytes(), crlf() and raw()
methods for enabling different encoding layers.
Added the codec() method to Badger::Filesystem::File for specifying a
serialisation codec to use in conjunction with the new data() method.
Added Badger::Timestamp. This is returned by the new created(),
accessed() and modified() methods in Badger::Filesystem::Path.
Added Badger::Logic.
Added Badger::Log and Badger::Log::File.
Added numlike() to Badger::Utils as an alias for "looks_like_number".
It's the numerical counterpart to textlike() and is significantly easier
to type.
Added debug_msg() to Badger::Base. Also added the "Badger::Base::Trial"
class definition for use with the try() method.
Added lib import hook to Badger.
Added bclass as an alias for class in Badger::Class.
Changed Badger::Class::Config to maintain the order of configuration
parameters where possible (i.e. when expressed as a list ref rather than
a hash ref). Also added "target:var" fallback which looks in the target
object or hash ref for the variable. This allows options to default to
the values set by preceeding options.
Changed Badger::Codec::JSON to use JSON::XS if available.
Mr T is now using Badger 0.06 in production code and is happy to report
that everything seems to be working rather well. Anyone for a game of
Version 0.05 - 23rd December 2008
Refactored Badger::Factory.
Added support to Badger::Exporter for the "=" pseudo-sigil which can be
used to create constants on the fly.
package Badger::Example;
use Badger::Class
exports => {
tags => {
math => {
e => '=2.718',
pi => '=3.142',
phi => '=1.618',
package main;
use Badger::Example ':math';
print e; # 2.718
print pi; # 3.142
print phi; # 1.618
Mr T is starting to feel rather confident about building a production
system based on Badger v0.05.
Version 0.04 - 2nd December 2008
Added the throw_msg() method to Badger::Base.
Added init_method hook to Badger::Class and initialiaser() to
Changed Badger::Exception match_type() method to accept a list or hash
reference, or a string of whitespace delimited exception types.
Changed Badger::Factory to pass $name as an argument to various methods.
Also passes arguments to load() (required for Template::TT2::Plugins)
Also modified item() to accept a non-textlike type argument which
bypasses the module lookup.
Moved a whole bunch of stuff out of Badger::Class into
"Badger::Class::*" modules.
Added Badger::Class::Config for simple configuration.
Added hash() method to Badger::Methods and hash_methods hook to
Added trace() hook and related paraphernalia to Badger::Exception. Added
the "-t" / "--trace" command line options to Badger::Test to enable it
when running tests. Also added "-h" / "--help" options.
Added Codec() exportable subroutine to Badger::Codecs.
Added Badger::Codec::URL. It's similar to Badger::Codec::URI, but
slightly different. See the TT uri/url filters for the reason.
Changed the prototype() method in Badger::Prototype to accept a single
"undef" value to clear any current prototype. Also added the
has_prototype() method.
Mr T is looking on the bright side about the possibility of building a
production system based on Badger v0.04, but still advises caution.
Version 0.03 - 7th October 2008
Added delegate loaders to Badger. This provides some semantic sugar for
loading a bunch of different "Badger::*" modules in one go.
use Badger
Filesystem => 'FS $Bin',
Codecs => 'storable base64',
Debug => {
modules => 'My::Module',
Added different() to Badger::Test::Manager.
Added textlike() to Badger::Utils
Added the overload as_text and is_true import hooks and related method
to Badger::Class. These delegate to the "overload" module.
Added the print method to Badger::Filesystem::File.
Added support for dynamic root directories to
Added the defaults and aliases hooks to Badger::Class, implemented by
Badger::Class::Defaults and Badger::Class::Aliases, respectively. There
are still experimental.
Fixed up some stat handling in Badger::Filesystem to help with
subclassing in Badger::Filesystem::Virtual
Mr T pities the fool that attempts to builds a production system based
on Badger version 0.03 without first evaluating it carefully and reading
the documentation.
Version 0.02 - 6th September 2008
Badger::Class got the vars method and hook for declaring and defining
Badger::Utils gained the ability to load and export functions from
Scalar::Util, List::Util, List::MoreUtils, Hash::Util and Digest::MD5.
Various documentation updates.
Mr T admires the tenacity of anyone attempting to build a production
system based on Badger v0.02 and hopes they have a thorough test suite.
Version 0.01 - 27th August 2008
This was the first release version.
Mr T pities the fool who builds a production system based on Badger
Andy Wardley <>
Copyright (C) 2008-2013 Andy Wardley. All Rights Reserved.
This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.