A fork/move/cleanup of Template Toolkit v2 for ongoing backwards compatibility in the face of TT3
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Template::TT2 / Version 0.01 / February 2012

This is an alpha version of Template::TT2, a drop-in replacement for the
current v2 Template Toolkit modules.  Almost everything should work exactly
the same as before - the only important thing that has changed is the name.

So if you currently have code using TT2 like this:

    use Template;

    my $tt2 = Template->new(
        INCLUDE_PATH => '/path/to/templates',

Then you should be able to do this instead.

    use Template::TT2;

    my $tt2 = Template::TT2->new(
        INCLUDE_PATH => '/path/to/templates',

This document gives a brief overview of why the modules exist and how they
differ from the current Template Toolkit implementation.  See the Changes file
for a more detailed discussion.

Why Template::TT2?

When TT3 is released (on Tuesday, some time shortly after lunch) a number
of major changes to both the template language and the template framework
will break backwards compatibility with TT2 in all sorts of non-trivial ways.
The Template::TT2 module set is therefore a "backup" of the old TT2 
implementation for the sake of posterity.  It will continue to work as
it currently does, regardless of any future changes in TT3, TT4 or beyond.

Everything that is currently in the v2 Template::* namespace has been
moved "down" a level into the Template::TT2::* namespace.  All of the code
has been cleaned up and refactored to use the Badger toolkit.  This 
implements all the generic functionality (i.e. not directly related to 
template processing) that is shared between TT2, TT3, and any other 
modules or applications that might use it.

With the exception of the differences noted below, Template::TT2 should be 
fully compatible with the Template2 module version 2.24 as released on 8th 
February 2012.

What's Different?

Most of the changes are on the inside.

The only significant change to the way Template::TT2 works from the
perspective of an end user is that the ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE options are now
officially deprecated (although they do still work).  If you specify the
ABSOLUTE option, Template::TT2 will instead add the root directory to your
INCLUDE_PATH (which effectively does the same thing).  If you specify the
RELATIVE option, it will add the current working directory to your
INCLUDE_PATH.  In both cases you'll get a warning.

There are a few architectural changes that may affect any code that pokes
deep into the internals of TT2.  Most notable is the Template::Provider 
module that has been split into 3 new modules: Template::TT2::Templates, 
Template::TT2::Cache and Template::TT2::Store.  Any code that is relying
on the Old World Order in that regard will, I'm afraid, have to be 
re-written or modified to accomodate these changes.  

However, the vast majority of code that relies only on TT2's external 
features should require no more than a change in the module name. 
Although the code has been cleaned up as best as possible, it is at
heart the same old code that provides a faithful implementation of
TT2, warts and all.  

Please find time to test any existing code you have that uses the Template
modules with the new Template::TT2 implementation.  If it doesn't work as 
expected then we'd like to know about it sooner rather than later. 

At some point in the near future I'll stop supporting the current 
Template::* implementation and encourage everyone to switch to 
Template::TT2.  Then the Template::* modules will be completely 
refactored to usher in TT3.

See the Changes file for more detailed information about what has changed.

Source Code and Bug Tracking

The source code is hosted at github:


Please report any issues via RT:


-- Andy Wardley, February 2012.