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# Template Toolkit - bin/
This directory contains the 'tpage' and 'ttree' template processing
scripts. These will be installed automatically by a 'make install'.
'tpage' is a simple script interface to the Template module. You
can specify one or more filenames on the command line which will be
processed in turn. The script will read from STDIN if no files are
specified. See 'perldoc tpage' for further information.
tpage websrc/myfile.html > public_html/myfile.html
tpage header body footer > mypage.html
foobar | tpage > foobar.html
'ttree' is a more advanced script for processing templates en masse.
You can point it at a source directory and it will walk traverse down
through the tree, processing any template files it finds on the way.
The output generated by each template is written to the corresponding
file in a destination directory. It is ideally suited for the task of
building web site documents from a set of input templates. It provides
a range of configuration options which can be expressed in config files
or via command line options. See 'ttree -h' and 'perldoc ttree' for
further information.
ttree index.html page1.html page2.html
ttree -v -r
ttree -src ~/tmp/templates -dest ~/public_html/test
ttree -f config
The other files including 'tt2inst' and 'gifsplash' are legacy scripts
from previous version of TT2. They will be removed at some point in
the future.