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#!/usr/bin/perl -w # -*- perl -*-
# tt2inst (bin/tt2inst)
# This script installs the optional Template Toolkit components from the
# 'docs', 'examples', 'images' and 'templates' distribution directories
# into the corresponding installation directories. The root directory
# for the installation should be specified as an argument to the
# script, e.g. 'tt2inst /usr/local/tt2'
use strict;
use Getopt::Std;
use File::Find;
use File::Path;
use File::Copy;
use File::Spec;
use Cwd;
my $PROGRAM = 'tt2inst';
my @INSTDIRS = qw( docs examples images templates );
my $args = { };
getopts('vh', $args);
usage() if $args->{ h };
my $verbose = $args->{ v };
my $tt2inst = shift || usage();
my $tt2dist = getcwd;
die <<EOF unless -d "$tt2dist/$INSTDIRS[0]";
This script should be run from the Template Toolkit distribution directory.
# install files
print STDERR <<EOF if $verbose;
Installing optional components into $tt2inst
foreach my $dir (@INSTDIRS) {
print STDERR " + $dir\n"
if $verbose;
find(\&install_file, $dir);
sub install_file {
my $f = $File::Find::name;
return if $f =~ /\bCVS\b/ || m[^docs/html/(?!README)];
if (-d) {
my $dir = File::Spec->catfile($tt2inst, $f);
mkpath($dir) unless -d $dir;
my $dest = File::Spec->catfile($tt2inst, $f);
copy($_, $dest) || die "$dest: $!\n";
# usage
sub usage {
print STDERR <<EOF;
$PROGRAM: installation script for optional Template Toolkit components.
usage: $PROGRAM [ -v | -h ] /path/to/installation/root
-v verbose mode
-h this help
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