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24 Changes
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# Version 2.00
* Incorporated the DBI plugin module, written by Simon Matthews. This
features a major reorganisation of the code, fixes a few bugs, removes
some dead wood, and has improved documentation and test script.
* Rewrote the XML::DOM plugin, fixing the memory leakage problems and
adding the toTemplate() method and friends, as provided by Simon
* Incorporated the Dumper plugin from Simon Matthews which interfaces to
the Data::Dumper module.
* Fixed a bug in the Datafile plugin which was causing the last data field
to be ignored. Credit due (yet again!) to Simon Matthews for finding
the missing chomp().
* Added the push(), pop(), unshift() and shift() virtual list methods
and fixed the parser to allow empty lists to be created. Updated
documentation to include examples. Thanks to Stas Beckman for
raising the issue.
* Renamed the Template::Iterator number() method to count(), although
number() is still supported for backwards compatability. The DBI
plugin used count() instead of number() (an oversight, I think) but I
decided that count() was the better name (shorter and more obvious).
Also changed internal Template::Iterator counter variables to UPPER
CASE to allow AUTOLOAD to be more easily reused by derived iterators
such as the on for the DBI plugin.
* Fixed a bug in the Table plugin which caused an "undefined variable..."
warning to be emitted when an empty list was provided.
# Version 2.00 beta 5 14th September 2000
@@ -2,6 +2,11 @@
* document push/pop/shift/unshift as list methods and add any others
such as splice, etc.
* Stas' docs.
* fix parser to accept quoted blocknames
* fix PRE_PROCESS, etc., to allow 'foo.html'. Should PRE_PROCESS etc.,
@@ -24,12 +29,6 @@
the data tree. There may be cleanup issues. Haven't looked at writing
an XML::XPath plugin yet, but it should be reasonably similar.
* XML::DOM plugin may leak memory due to it not properly cleaning up
the data model which has massively circular references. Simon
Matthews <> has fixed this problem and also
added a wonderfully powerful to_template() method. Will integrate
his changes before V2 proper.
* DBI plugin, also by Simon Matthews, will be distributed with V2 proper,
or some time shortly afterwards. Makefile.PL will need some hacking to
incorporate DBI testing options.
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