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             Template Toolkit Version 2.00 Beta Release 5

                         14th September 2000

This is the fifth beta release of version 2.00 of the Perl Template
Toolkit.  Barring any major problems, this really will be the last
beta release before version 2.00 proper (I know I said that for beta
4, but I really mean it this time).  It is fully-featured, reliable
and all known bugs have been fixed (but see the TODO list for a few
outstanding issues and minor "features").  The Changes file details
changes from the last beta release, and versions before that.  It also
includes the major changes from Version 1.xx to 2.00.

Installation is as you might expect:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install

If you have version 1.xx installed then be warned that version 2.00
will render it totally useless.  This probably isn't an issue unless
you're relying heavily on any of the more obscure "features" that have
changed from version 1.xx to 2.00 (see Changes file).

You can specify the PREFIX option to install the Template Toolkit to a
different location if you want to preserve an existing installation
(see ExtUtils::MakeMaker).  Or preferably, install version 2.00 as per
usual and then go back and install version 1.07 to an alternate
location, thus ensuring that version 2.00 is the default.

    perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/some/where/else
    make, etc.

The documentation is now complete in all its 100+ page glory.  

    perldoc Template

Any errors, inaccuracies or omissions are bugs and should be reported
to the overworked and underpaid author who really needs to take a
vacation.  8-)

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