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              Template Toolkit Version 2.00 Beta Release 1


                        ** IMPORTANT WARNING ** 

    If you install these modules you will totally screw up your existing 
    version 1.* installation.  I do plan to make V1 and V2 work harmoniously
    with each other but that time is not yet now.  Install it to an entirely 
    different location or don't "make install"  it at all.  You have been
    warned (and will be again).

                     ** END OF IMPORTANT WARNING ** 

Hello World

This is the first beta release of version 2 of the Perl Template
Toolkit.  It is fully-featured, reliable and reasonably bug-free.
Most of the modules are documented fully, or near-fully, but the main documentation and some other bits and pieces still need
some work.  The API is almost frozen.  Some of the option names may
still change and the filters interface will almost certainly get
improved a little before the real v2.  Other than that, this is pretty
much what version 2 will look like.  If you think there's anything
missing, or that which could be done better then now is the time to
speak or forever hold your peace (or at least until version 2.01)


Most, if not all of the modules are lacking specific cleanup code and
many of them need it.  In particular, the Template::Provider builds a
linked list to cache compiled templates and the circular refs prevent
it from being cleaned up automatically.  It's not a major problem.  I
just need to write some fairly trivial code to clean it up here, and
in a couple of other places (e.g. filters cache).  Until then, it will
leak memory like a sieve, so don't use it in a persistant server
unless you take other precautions.  Don't worry - it'll get fixed in
the mix.

Be Warned

If you missed the IMPORTANT WARNING earlier, then let me just remind
you not to install it unless you know what you're doing.  There's a
Makefile.PL now, but we still don't trust you not to do something
silly, so it will issue an annoying warning when you run it.  The
version 2 modules are very different from the version 1 modules but
overlap in name.  I'm planning to release version 1.08 as a final
swansong for the version 1.* dynasty.  This will relocate all version
1 modules to Template::v1::* so that they can continue to be used
without getting in version 2+'s way.

Please Read

The Changes file contains most of the interesting detail about the
major differences between version 1 and 2, including new features and
so on.  Until the documentation is complete, this is the best source
of information, even though it is itsefl incomplete or sketchy in
places.  The TODO file is a total mess and includes TODONE stuff that
should be in the Changes file.  It'll get cleaned up RSN.


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