Replace layers in Sketch with photos from Instagram.
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Replace layers in Sketch with photos from Instagram.


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Download and unzip the contents of this repository into your plugins folder. If you don't know where your plugins folder is, follow these steps to find it.


  1. In Sketch, select the layers that you want to replace with Instagram photos, then run the plugin.
    • Note: First time you use the plugin, you'll be asked to login to Instagram. The plugin will remember you until you log out.
      Plugin Window
  2. Once you're logged in, select the source of the photos you want to use.
    Plugin Window - Sources
  3. You can choose to either replace selected layers with new Bitmap layers, or insert photos as pattern fills (useful for adding images to round shapes).
  4. If you're using Sketch at work, you might want to log out of Instagram when you're done.
    Logout Menu

Image sizes

Instagram makes photos available in three sizes.

SketchSquares Plugin will guess the image size you want to load based on the size of the layers you've selected. You can change this using the size menu.

Plugin Window - Sizes


Once you've installed the plugin you can trigger it using this shortcut: control + shift + i. You can change this shortcut (if it clashes with other plugins you may be using) by editing the first line of the Load Instagram Photos.sketchplugin file.


The SketchSquares Plugin will automatically check for updates when you run it, and will let you know when a new version is available for download. It will let you install the updated version directly from the plugin window.

Plugin Window - When an update is available

Supported Versions

Sketch 3.2.1 or later on OSX Yosemite.

Bugs, Features and Feedback

Please use the inbuilt Feedback Menu to report bugs, request new features or just send me general feedback. Bugs and feature requests sent via the Feedback form will get logged as Issues here on GitHub to make them easier to track.

Feedback Menu

You can also send me feedback via Twitter @abynim.

Inspiration and Credits

The inspiration for the SketchSquares Plugin came from a post by @iansilber called Design Tools at Instagram.

Making this plugin was possible only through all the tricks I've learned from the awesome Sketch community. Thanks everyone!

MIT License © Aby Nimbalkar. I'm on LinkedIn, Twitter and obviously Instagram.