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Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls APPROACHING CHAOS Randomizer
Version:    2
Date:       October 17, 2017

--- HOW TO USE ---
    This is a randomizer for Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls. Currently, FF1 is fully randomized and FF2 is only partially randomized. In FF2, only enemies, treasure, and shops are randomized.

Running the randomizer:
    Windows users may use the executable file, "ffdos_approaching_chaos.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7.

Source rom file:
    This randomizer requires a Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls GBA rom with the following hash:
    MD5 - 5d29999685413c4d2bec10d3160f6ee6 (NA)

Seed value:
    Input a seed value here, or leave it blank if you don't care.

    a  Randomize monster ai.
    c  Randomize character class stats.
    e  Randomize encounters.
    m  Randomize monster stats and drops.
    p  Randomize shops.
    q  Randomize items and equipability.
    s  Randomize spells and spell equipability.
    t  Randomize treasure chests.

    The "randomness" option controls how extreme the randomizations are. At 0.0, almost nothing will be randomized. At 1.0, enemies in the starting area will most likely have boss stats. I suggest leaving it at the default setting of 0.5 for your first run.
    It is possible to use different settings for different flags. Type "custom" to enable more detailed randomness settings. This is useful, for example, when you want to find high-level gear without fighting high-level enemies.

Output files:
    The randomizer will output a new, randomized rom with the seed in the filename.

    DSF AKA DoodSF AKA deranged_squirrel_fighter, who commissioned this randomizer. Thanks to his generosity, everyone gets to enjoy Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls randomized. Check out his Twitch channel at where he plays tons of randomizers.

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Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls randomizer



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