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Breath of Fire II: Painsong Randomizer
Version:    2
Date:       September 6, 2015

--- HOW TO USE ---
Running the randomizer:
    Windows users may use the executable file, "bof2ps.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7.

Source rom file:
    This randomizer requires the North American SNES Breath of Fire 2 rom. The rom used for testing had the following verification hashes.
    MD5 - e1ff1ed4ad5dbdbe86774920dfb5e9d4
    CRC32 - 67cdacc5

    Input the following flags to customize your randomization experience.

    f  randomize fusions
    t  treasure
    m  monsters
    n  monster names and palettes
    p  shops
    q  item equippability
    c  character stats
    s  character spells
    w  cooking and othello

Seed value:
    Input a seed value here, or leave it blank if you don't care.

Difficulty value:
    Use this to change the difficulty of the resulting randomization. A higher value results in less experience, less gold, and higher enemy stats.

Output files:
    The randomizer will output a new, randomized rom with the seed in the filename. It will also output a text file containing character stats, learnable spells, and shaman compatibility. For more information on how to use shaman compatibility, take a look at "fusion_howto.txt".

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