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Super Adventure Island II Randomizer
Version:    3
Date:       March 24, 2021

Special thanks to "backintheday200" for comissioning this randomizer!

--- HOW TO USE ---
    Running the randomizer:
        Windows users may use the executable file, "sai2_rando.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7.

    Compatible with the following roms:
        SAI2 NA 1.0     b4e732b3d742af1791605bcd7aa4a1c4

    This randomizer has no flags! However, it has two optional codes.
       openworld  : Start with all gates lowered.
       openrandom : Start with random gates lowered.

    Additionally, custom seeds are available using the same format as the Aria of Sorrow randomizer.

    NEW IN VERSION 3!! There are two new quality of life patches. The first patch lets you equip the shovel in the menu screen by pressing SELECT. It only works in the menu screen. The second patch lets you change spells in the field by pressing L and R. It only works in the field.

    Sometimes, not always, you will start with 1 item. This is meant to add a little variety to the beginning of the game, which normally has only 1 chest accessible, and that chest can only contain a few items that unlock other areas.
    Because of the difficulty in late game areas, it is recommended that you enable the balance patch to start with some extra health.

    There may be occasions where you'll need to use the magic wand to access an area, or you'll need to save and quit to return to the starting area.

    Since version 3, there are some chests that contain "???" coins, which replace empty chests. These chests are usually either 100 or 1100 coins, but can rarely be more.

    You can use a custom seed template to start with a specific item, or guarantee that some specific items will appear in specific locations. See the text file "custom.txt" for an example of how to write the template.


Super Adventure Island II item randomizer






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