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Spa / Hot Tub Controller

Arduino sketch for a temperature controlled relay to driving a spa heating element. Uses DS18200 for precise temperature control and XBee radio for remote monitoring.


A temperature reading is taken every second, with the call-for-heat decision made every 5 minutes based on the mean temperature. Monitoring has shown this to be effective at keeping a particular spa between 102 and 103 degrees without excessive cycling or overshoot. Your results may vary based on the size of the spa, climate, and the size of the averaging buffer.

The mean temperature, along with the heater state (on/off), is also transmitted over the XBee network approximately every 5 minutes. The timing is not highly critical or precise, using millis() to control the intervals to avoid timer conflicts with SoftwareSerial or OneWire.


  • 12V NO Relay driven by a 2N222 transitor via pin 8
  • DS1820 temperature sensor on pin 7, with 4K7 pullup to VCC
  • XBee connected via SofwareSerial, pins 10 & 11


The sketch uses the following Arduino libraries:

  • SoftwareSerial
  • Average
  • OneWire
  • DallasTemperature
  • XBee

Add these to your libraries folder, or point your Arduino sketch folder at the spacontroller folder to use the included libraries.


  • DS1820: 1-wire data bus pin
  • RELAY: output pin to drive relay (call for heat when HIGH)
  • TNORM: desired temperature
  • TDIFF: degrees to add to sensor reading, if different from actual water temp.
  • REPORTING_PERIOD: when to drive relay, transmit via XBee, and size of buffer.