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+title: "Migrating to a GitHub Organization"
+date: 2012-03-31 17:19
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+- Programming
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+Recently we finally made the move to a GitHub organization. For the past 18 months or so we've been using private repositories on our CTO's personal GitHub account. Having reached the maximum number of allowed collaborators on a personal account, we decided to make the move.
+Basically, it wasn't that big of a deal at all, but since I couldn't find any writeup describing it I thought I'd throw it here.
+When you want to create a new organization, you can either choose to transform your own account into an organization or just create a new one. We opted for creating a new organization for BillGuard in order to avoid causing Raphael an identity crisis.
+The steps were amazingly easy:
+ 1. Create a new organization.
+ 2. Add to its owners whoever needs to be an owner (up till now you had no owner except for the actual account holder).
+ 3. Create a team for everyone that needs access to the repositories. We started simple with a team for developers that allows pushing and pulling.
+ 4. For each repository that needs to be migrated go to its Admin section, choose "Transfer Ownership" and move it to the new organization.
+ 5. Now everywhere you have a migrated repository cloned needs to run this simple command: `git remote set-url origin`
+That's it! GitHub magically moves the different web hooks, server deploy keys etc. that were configured on the repositories so they keep working.
+Some things to note: In case your repositories have been forked, you need to contact GitHub support to change roots as described [here]( Also, you might need to change repository URL someplace else like your CI servers.
+Happy git hacking!
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