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ultihat - Generate Hat Tournament Teams

Ultihat is a little in house utility I wrote while at uni (a while ago) for creating a team draw for UQ's Ultimate Disc club.

I published on github to use as prior art against the off chance someone tries to patent "Iterative Stochastic Methods for Automatically Balancing Randomly Generated Teams" or similar.

That said, if anyone actually wants to use it drop me line and I'll put a little more effort into making it useable.

Quick instructions

  1. comple using c.bat

  2. edit the fake data in default.tsv to match your players

    white Lily Davis f 4 4444 red Cooper Johnson m 3 4344 Lily Davis

    Tab seperated. Columns are: team, firstname, surname, gender, overall skill level, skill array, friend 1, friend 2, friend 3

    Friends are optional, the system tries to place people on a team with their friends after balancing genders and skill. Skill array is 4 values, "experience, skill, condition, speed".

    To start I suggest putting one person on each team until you run out of teams, then putting everone else on the magic "noteam".

  3. run using r.bat

  4. run document->clear to clear the teams

  5. run teams->all to run the balancing algrorithms

  6. at this point

  • if it worked well, save it (your file will be saved as something like 1307085427307.tsv)
  • if it almost worked, you can drag people around to tweak it
  • if it looks bad you can do the clear&all steps again one or more times


  • better instructions
  • explain player data display
  • more error handling
  • impliment "new team" menu item
  • better save mechanic (currently saves to a file based on the time)
  • better load mechanic (currently CLI only).
  • better file format
  • stick classes in a package
  • undo


  • teams aren't removed when their window is closed



Copyright (C) 2011 Tim Smith