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Branch: mapformat10
Commits on Jul 21, 2017
  1. shadow tweaks

    ac-stef committed Jul 10, 2017
    - affected area is round
    - smoother approach for attr2 & attr3
    - attr4 defines the light component minimum value (min value for r, g, b)
    - add editinfopanel specs for shadows
  2. add negative lights (a.k.a "shadows")

    ac-stef committed Jun 5, 2015
    A light entity with negative reach (attr1) will now be interpreted as
    shadow and reduce existing light in it's affected area. This dev code
    implements two types of shadow:
      attr2 > 0 will reduce the existing light by a percentage (0 will remove
        nothing while 255 will remove all light below the entity)
      attr3 > 0 will reduce the existing light by a fixed value
    (After a testing period, only one method will be kept: by percentage or
    by fixed value)
    Shadows will also throw "shadows" along solid geometry, which means, they
    will not extend through walls. Light calculation now first adds ambient
    and then all lights. Then all shadows will be processed.
    DOCREF "newent light"
Commits on Jul 20, 2017
  1. fix embedded scores in screenshots

    ac-stef committed Jul 20, 2017
    embed game description and player scores in png and jpg comments
    update enet.lib
Commits on Jul 19, 2017
  1. Update docs

    aurhat committed Jul 19, 2017
    Compatible with tree in for #68e4c1b commit.
  2. fix remip for some border cases in editing

    ac-stef committed Jul 19, 2017
    some cases need a little more area remipped - and in edit mode, we don't
    need to be stingy
  3. fix singleplayer hitsounds

    ac-stef committed Jul 19, 2017
    (for hitsound 1)
Commits on Jul 15, 2017
  1. fix direction for moving entities by scrollwheel

    ac-stef committed Jul 15, 2017
    the same mousewheel direction now always moves an entity away from or
    towards the player
        if 100 is added to the attribute index parameter, the sign of the
        increment value is changed
        returns a value for the main axis of player orientation (X:11, Y:12,
        Z:13) and adds 100 if the player is looking in the negative
        direction of the axis
    DOCREF entproperty editaxis
Commits on Jul 9, 2017
  1. add option to grey out menu items

    ac-stef committed Jul 9, 2017
    greyed out menu items are a) grey and b) can't be operated
      menuitemgreyedout 0|1
        menu items added after this command are greyed out (1) or not (0)
    DOCREF menuitemgreyedout
Commits on Jun 27, 2017
  1. simplify decision to render corpse

    ac-stef committed Jun 27, 2017
    instead of checking for actual gibs, check for "was gibbed"
    fixes problems with still existing gibs when the player dies again fast
Commits on Jun 25, 2017
  1. filter unrenderable chars from console input

    ac-stef committed Jun 25, 2017
    filter all chars that have no entry in the current font
Commits on Jun 23, 2017
  1. rewrite doc command parser

    ac-stef committed Jun 23, 2017
    - properly break statements into words
    - pick statement where cursor is
    - detect unmatched braces + indicator
    - fix huge memory leak
    - add cs ident details
    - add debug view (broken into words)
    - menu entries for the settings
      docidentverbose 0|1|2|3
        enables ident details or statement analyser
    DOCREF docidentverbose
Commits on Jun 17, 2017
  1. don't change persist flag while alias is pushed

    ac-stef committed Jun 17, 2017
    and clean up the stack before removing an alias (memleak!)
  2. update genmapitems

    ac-stef committed Jun 17, 2017
    easier than to fix the persistidents vs. push/pop problem :)
  3. fix updatefrommaster

    ac-stef committed Jun 17, 2017
  4. fix stuff found by cppcheck

    ac-stef committed Jun 17, 2017
    almost 3000 lines of "errors" contained one actual memleak, one actually
    unused variable and three actual ambiguous code parts
    from cppcheck website: "The goal is to detect only real errors in the
     code (i.e. have zero false positives)." :)
    thx for finding five problems in our code
Commits on Jun 16, 2017
  1. convmap changes

    ac-stef committed Jun 16, 2017
    new tool: list media sources
    new stage: check vantage points
    new: add single map from menu
    new: option to abort maps on stage errors
    fixed: make sure, player is alive (to be able to enter edit mode) during
Commits on Jun 15, 2017
  1. merge old and new entity copy/paste

    ac-stef committed Jun 15, 2017
    - copyent and pasteent now also work with the menu list of copied ents
    - pressing editmeta while using pasteent opens the menu
    - new switch command (not unlike the old one)
    - make expandselection and shrinkselection work with multiple selections
    DOCREF switch copyent pasteent
Commits on Jun 14, 2017
  1. fix at

    ac-stef committed Jun 14, 2017
    negative index numbers now return ""
    for now, a warning is printed, if that happens
    DOCREF at
  2. fix clip entity menu and add entity copy/paste menu

    ac-stef committed Jun 14, 2017
      newent7 type attr1 attr2 attr3 attr4 attr5 attr6 attr7
        Works like newent, but can set all seven attributes directly.
        Does not automatically put the camera yaw angle into mapmodel and flag
    fixed selectionwalk so that the first parameter can be ""
    DOCREF newent7
  3. move ++, --, ++f and --f to compatibility.cfg

    ac-stef committed Jun 14, 2017
    useless, because of the "failing silently" behaviour
    DOCREF ++ -- ++f --f
  4. fix permissions for some edit commands

    ac-stef committed Jun 14, 2017
    - always allow read-only edittextureslot, editmapmodelslot and
    - allow setvantagepoint when editing offline or spectating offline
    - new var editing_sp: 1 during edit mode in singleplayer (offline)
    - additional menus for read-only access to map config slots
    - new bonus edit scripts: selectmiddle and unclipentclippedmodels
    DOCREF edittextureslot editmapmodelslot editmapsoundslot setvantagepoint
    DOCREF editing_sp
Commits on Jun 13, 2017
  1. click

    ac-stef committed Jun 13, 2017
    shutter sound, cut, edited and compressed
    original at:
    original license CC0
  2. expect DT_UNKNOWN

    ac-stef committed Jun 13, 2017
Commits on Jun 12, 2017
  1. menu code cleanup and subdirectory support

    ac-stef committed Jun 12, 2017
      menuitemmapload mapname action [hoveraction [desc]]
        create menu entry for a map file
      menudirlistsub action dots
        adds subdirectory entries to a menu with a files list
        has to come after the menudirlist command
        <action> is the command to be executed, when the menu entry is chosen
        if <dots> is 1, an entry ".." is added
      enumfiles path [extension]
        lists files in a directory
        if extension is specified, only files of that extension are listed
        if the extension is "dir", only directories are listed
    DOCREF menuitemmapload menudirlistsub enumfiles
  2. distinguish between files and directories

    ac-stef committed Jun 12, 2017
    listfiles now optionally sorts the list and removes doubles
  3. only load map descriptions and preview pictures when needed

    ac-stef committed Jun 12, 2017
    + memleak fixed
    + possible NULL dereference fixed
Commits on Jun 11, 2017
  1. restore htf flag skins

    ac-stef committed Jun 11, 2017
    and re-use flag model files
  2. create map preview pictures during spectating

    ac-stef committed Jun 11, 2017
    pressing CTRL+F12 during spectating creates a clean screenshot and saves
    it as map preview picture
        returns 1, if a CTRL key is pressed and 0, if not
      screenshotpreview [lines]
        creates a screenshot cropped to 4:3 with a given number of lines
        (in the range of 144 to 480, default 240 or last given value)
        and jpeg quality 80
        now returns 1, if the map actually has a vantage point set
    DOCREF screenshotpreview modkeypressed gotovantagepoint
  3. remove maploaditemlength

    ac-stef committed Jun 11, 2017
    and add map name to preview picture
    DOCREF maploaditemlength
Commits on Jun 10, 2017
  1. Cleanup akimbo code

    aurhat committed Jun 10, 2017
Commits on Jun 9, 2017
  1. add reset option for loadcrosshair

    ac-stef committed Jun 9, 2017
      loadcrosshair reset
        loads all default crosshairs (including teammate and scope)
        short form of "loadcrosshair default default.png ; loadcrosshair
        scope red_dot.png ; loadcrosshair teammate teammate.png"
    DOCREF loadcrosshair
  2. allow more edit commands in multiplayer

    ac-stef committed Jun 9, 2017
    (editentity, edittextureslot, editmapmodelslot, editmapsoundslot)
    the commands are still not allowed to change anything in coop, but
    information retrieval is ok
  3. fix crouch release on death

    ac-stef committed Jun 9, 2017
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