Second incarnation of the Minecraft client for iOS.
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Welcome to CraftMii

CraftMii is a Minecraft client for iOS.


  • CraftMii aims to be fully compatible with 1.2.5.
  • 1.3 compatibility can be added easily, but we at least need to get 1.2.5's world rendered
  • I fail at OpenGL. The whole OGL thing /is/ broken. MCChunk has issues (sections corrupted for some reason etc.)
  • Less CPU usage as possible, even if it requires a lot of RAM.
  • Code may have leaks. It's a pre-pre-alpha, getting it to work is enough. RAM usage will be improved in the future.
  • All the code on this git repo is (c) Evolse Ltd.
  • You may modify the code as long as you do not sell it / distribute it in binary form. Please always indicate 'qwertyoruiop' or 'Evolse Ltd.' as the app's creator, even if you modified it.
  • If you do modify the code and improve the app, we kindly ask you to fork the repo and send us a pull request.
  • terrain.png is copyrighted by Mojang. Sorry for that, I don't even use it at the moment. I should remove it or make it work decently (and get Mojang's permission to use it / user alternative artwork for it).

I'm on twitter: follow me for news on the project!

Donations are greatly accepted.

  • I'll use the money to fund my Tor exit node, which currently serves over 240Mbps of Tor data as well as to fund CraftMii's developement.
  • PayPal:


  • #craftmii