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Bugfender module for Appcelerator Titanium
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Bugfender in Appcelerator Titanium

This is an open source project in order to provide support for Bugfender in Appcelerator Titanium.


This module has been made by the ACA Mobile team, part of ACA IT-Solutions. Find us online on!


  • Titanium Mobile SDK 6.0.0 or later for iOS
  • Titanium Mobile SDK 7.0.0 or later for Android

Bugfender SDK-version

  • Android: Bugfender Android SDK 1.1
  • iOS: Bugfender iOS SDK 1.6.1

Download, setup and how-to use the module

  • Download a stable release
  • Extract the zip, move the folders to the modules-directory in your project.

API and example

  • You can find an example for both iOS and Android at example/example.js
  • For more information about the API of this module and how to use the default feedback screen, please take a look at documentation/
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