PHP library to generate UK pain.001 messages (complies with ISO-20022)
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Pain.001 is a PHP library to generate UK pain.001.001.06 XML messages (complies with ISO-20022).


Consilience\Pain001 Just install Composer and run composer require consilience/iso20022-pain in your project directory.


This library is based on the Swiss PAIN library. I am adapting it for UK usage. It will support pain.001.001.06 version. Future versions or multiple versions will need a rethink on how this package is structured.

Until the updates are complete, take all these instructions with a pinch of salt; they will probably be wrong.

Main changes:

  • New root namespace.
  • UK bank financial institution type.
  • Switch to moneyphp\money package rather than home-grown.
  • Support for supplementary info records.
  • Switch to version 06 of the pain.001 format.
  • UK-oriented XML namespaces.


To get a basic understanding on how the messages are structured, take a look the resources mentioned below. The following example shows how to create a message containing two transactions:


require_once __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

use Consilience\Pain001\FinancialInstitution\BIC;
use Consilience\Pain001\Account\IBAN;
use Consilience\Pain001\Message\CustomerCreditTransfer;
use Money\Money;
use Consilience\Pain001\PaymentInformation\PaymentInformation;
use Consilience\Pain001\Account\PostalAccount;
use Consilience\Pain001\Address\StructuredPostalAddress;
use Consilience\Pain001\TransactionInformation\BankCreditTransfer;
use Consilience\Pain001\TransactionInformation\IS1CreditTransfer;
use Consilience\Pain001\Address\UnstructuredPostalAddress;

$transaction1 = new BankCreditTransfer(
    Money::CHF(130000), // CHF 1300.00
    'Muster Transport AG',
    new StructuredPostalAddress('Wiesenweg', '14b', '8058', 'Zürich-Flughafen'),
    new IBAN('CH51 0022 5225 9529 1301 C'),
    new BIC('UBSWCHZH80A')

$transaction2 = new IS1CreditTransfer(
    Money::CHF(30000), // CHF 300.00
    'Finanzverwaltung Stadt Musterhausen',
    UnstructuredPostalAddress::sanitize('Altstadt 1a', '4998 Musterhausen'),
    new PostalAccount('80-151-4')

$payment = new PaymentInformation(
    'InnoMuster AG',
    new BIC('ZKBKCHZZ80A'),
    new IBAN('CH6600700110000204481')

$message = new CustomerCreditTransfer('message-001', 'InnoMuster AG');

echo $message->asXml();

Tip: Take a look at Consilience\Pain001\Tests\Message\CustomerCreditTransferTest to see all payment types in action.


  • Not all business rules and recommendations are enforced, consult the documentation and validate the resulting transaction file in cooperation with your bank.
  • At the moment cheque transfers are not supported (for details consult chapter 2.2 of the Implementation Guidelines)
  • The whole project is still under development and therefore BC breaks can occur. Please contact me if you need a stable code base.


If you want to get your hands dirty, great! Here's a couple of steps/guidelines:

  • Fork this repository
  • Add your changes & tests for those changes (in tests/).
  • Remember to stick to the existing code style as best as possible. When in doubt, follow PSR-2.
  • Send me a pull request!

If you don't want to go through all this, but still found something wrong or missing, please let me know, and/or open a new issue report so that I or others may take care of it.

Further Resources